bring it.
fuck you, fuck me, fuck us
fuck tom, fuck mary, fuck gus
fuck darius
fuck tha west coast, and fuck everybody on tha east
eat shit and die, or fuck off at least
fuck pre-schoolers, fuck rulers
kings and queens and gold jewelers
fuck wine coolers
fuck chickens, fuck ducks
everybody in yer crew sucks, punk mother fucks

fuck critics, fuck yer review
even if you like me, fuck you
don't bother tryin to analyze these rhymes
in this song i say fuck ninety three times

fuck tha berlin wall, both sides of it
and fuck lyle lovett, whoever tha fuck that is
fuck everybody in tha hemisphere
fuck them across tha world, and fuck them right here
you know tha guy that operates tha rouge river draw bridge
in delray on jefferson? fuck him!


Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

Bedroom eyes lead to blurry vision,
blurry vision.
And the ringing in my ears
from playing too loud.
I hear the ocean,
I hear the crowd.
Too pale, too sick, too scrawny
but I'll sleep here anyway.
And the sheets smell like bodies.
Not mine, not yours, not yours.
It's two a.m.
and it's quiet again.
Where's my lip gloss?

19/3/06 13:17  
Blogger Thoth said...

I was quiet, and I was tired. and I wanted you to bring me up.
I wanted you to make it stop, yeah I wanted you to bring me up.
You were wrong, and I was right. and I wanted you to bring me up.
Hmmm you know me well, this is something that I shouldn't have to tell you.

19/3/06 13:19  
Blogger panopticon said...

if you wanna get it right
you can own what you choose
but you wanna live a lie
and love what you lose

it's a shoreline
and it's half speed
it's a cruel world and
it's time

while you're walking away
and I'm trying to get through
but you've gotta know their lies
from the lies they've told you
if you try to do it up
it all will leave you
if you try to steal the beat
the beat will steal you

19/3/06 13:22  
Blogger Thoth said...

She's got it all worked out
In her mind,
And you're part of the plan
And you don't have the final word
Come on make it easy now
She's got it all worked out
I'm afraid,
And your time is arranged
And it's strange,
But you're feeling fine

19/3/06 13:25  
Blogger fizhburn said...

Every thousand years this metal sphere
ten times the size of Jupiter
floats just a few yards past the Earth.
You climb on your roof and take a swipe at it
with a single feather,
hit it once every thousand tries.
'Til you've worn it down to the size of a pea,
yeah I'd say that's a long time
but it's only half a blink
in the place you're going to be.
I'm gonna be perfect from now on,
I'm gonna be perfect starting now.

19/3/06 13:27  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

I'm tired of backstabbing ass snakes with friendly grins
I'm tired of committing so many sins
Tired of always giving in when this bottle of Henny wins
Tired of never having any ends

19/3/06 13:30  
Blogger Gdog said...

Good one.
im tearin up my crib pullin a caper
lookin 4 a number on a piece of paper
havin visions of a big old bumper kick
damn i gotta find them digits
but they're nowhere 2 be found
so i feel like bangin my head on tha ground
but like Ce Ce i'm gonna keep searchin
cuz i know i got yer number 4 certain

19/3/06 13:38  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

She's wet and wild,
a typical 90's child

She makes every move they make,
she takes everything they take,
she must be a Thelma or Louise,
she must be a post-modern sleaze.
Unscrew the wine,
she'll throw a party line,
stories extreme,
she's such a drama queen.
Cries through the night,
she choked on marlboro lights,
pure charm and grace,
she hates her pretty face.

19/3/06 13:42  
Blogger panopticon said...

you forgot
straw spun from gold
she craves a tortured soul
all doom and gloom
she plays an open wound
she must be a post-modern tease

i think it'd help to go with
little boy little boy
go and find some other girl to annoy
don't you know i can't be treated
like a toy
'cause that's for me to do to you

19/3/06 13:45  
Blogger Thoth said...


I don't know my future after this weekend
And I don't want to
It takes courage to enjoy it
The hard-core and the gentle

19/3/06 13:47  
Blogger fizhburn said...

See I picks my friends like I pick my fruit
My Ganny told me that when I was only a youth
I don't try to walk around tryin to be what I'm not
I don't waste my time trying to get what you've got
And if you don't want to be down with me
Then you don't want to be from my apple tree


19/3/06 13:49  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

More like:

Molly was a good girl
And she knew the reasons why
So when she went back in the bathroom
She would never come outside
She was a good girl
And it felt great to be a liar

19/3/06 13:51  
Blogger Gdog said...

i liked tha way my hand looked
on yer head
an tha presence of my knuckles...

19/3/06 13:53  
Blogger K said...

Nú vaknar þú
Allt virðist vera breytt
Eg gægist út
En er svo ekki neitt

Ur-skóna finn svo
A náttfötum hún
I draumi fann svo
Eg hékk á koðnun?

Með sólinni er hún
Og er hún, inni hér

En hvar ert þú....

Legg upp í göngu
Og tölti götuna
Sé ekk(ert) út
Og nota stjörnurnar
Sit(ur) endalaust hún
Og klifrar svo út.

Glósóli-leg hún
Komdu út

Mig vaknar draum-haf
Mitt hjartað, slá
Ufið hár.

Sturlun við fjar-óð
Sem skyldu-skrá.

Og hér ert þú

Fannst mér.....

Og hér ert þú

19/3/06 13:54  
Blogger Thoth said...

If you my love
must think that way
I'm sure your mind is a-romin'
I'm sure your thoughts
are not with me
but with the country t'where you're goin'
So take heed take heed,
of the western winds
Take heed of the stormy weather
And yes there's something
you can send back to me:
spanish boots of spanish leather

19/3/06 13:56  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

Drift away on a puffy cloud
Float away on a puffy cloud
My brain is dead from too much pot
Cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy

19/3/06 13:58  
Blogger panopticon said...

the sunshine girl is sleeping
she falls and dreams alone
and me i am her dagger
to numb to feel her pain
the world is full of noise yeah
i hear it all the time

19/3/06 14:00  
Blogger fizhburn said...

It's hard to tell the right
from the wrong
when the right
is protecting the wrong.

19/3/06 14:04  
Blogger Thoth said...

Can you see that I am needing
Begging for so much more
Than you could ever give
And I don’t want you to adore me
Don’t want you to ignore me
When it pleases you
And I’ll do it on my own
I’ll do it on my own

19/3/06 14:05  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

Shrouding all the ground around me
is this holy crow above me.
Black as holes within a memory
and blue as our new second sun.
I stick my hand into his shadow
to pull the pieces from the sand.
Which I attempt to reassemble
to see just who I might have been.
I do not recognize the vessel,
but the eyes seem so familiar.
Like phosphorescent desert buttons
singing one familiar song.

"So good to see you.
I've missed you so much.
So glad it's over.
I've missed you so much.
Came out to watch you play.
Why are you running away?
Came out to watch you play.
Why are you running away?"

Prying open my third eye!

19/3/06 14:07  
Blogger Thoth said...

I was thinking more M83

Can't stop
I can't stop yeah,
Can't stop
I can't stop yeah,
Can't stop
I can't stop yeah...

19/3/06 14:08  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

O, I thought from above we were going toward:

She don't believe in anything
But if you ask her, she'll say
There's plenty of things to believe in

Sweet Rosalyn
Sometimes you gotta give in
Sometimes you gotta be loved

19/3/06 14:10  
Blogger Gdog said...

one fine day in my odd past
i picked me up a transmission
i turned tha fission ignition
went looking 4 tha broadcaster
an' when i first touched some ground
they simply told me leave
was kind of hard 2 believe
'cause there was not one around
this ain't tha planet sound
this ain't tha planet sound

19/3/06 14:15  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

Do you want to hear about the deal that I’m making?
You, it’s you and me.

And if I only could,
I’d make a deal with god,
And I’d get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,

19/3/06 14:17  
Blogger fizhburn said...


esus was way cool
Everybody liked Jesus
Everybody wanted to hang out with him
Anything he wanted to do, he did
He turned water into wine
And if he wanted to
He could have turned wheat into marijuana
Or sugar into cocaine
Or vitamin pills into amphetamines

He walked on the water
And swam on the land
He would tell these stories
And people would listen
He was really cool

19/3/06 14:19  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what you want me to
You're not the kind that needs to tell me
About the birds and the bees

Do you find this happens all the time
Crucial point one day becomes a crime
And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you
Just what I want to do

19/3/06 14:20  
Blogger panopticon said...

don’t judge me so harsh little girl
so you got a playboy mommy
but when you tell em my name
and you want to cross that bridge all on your own
little girl they’ll do you no harm

19/3/06 14:22  
Blogger Thoth said...

Everyday you wake up late
Sometimes I wish I was
that way
And you think Rockford Files is cool
But there are some things
that you would change
if it were up to you
So think about your masterpiece
Watch the Rockford Files
And call to see if Paul can score some weed.
Will you never rest
Fighting the battle of who could care less
Unearned unhappiness
That's all right I guess...
I've go this great idea
Why don't we pitch it to the Franklin Fucking Mint
Fine pewter portraits of
general apathy and major boredom singing...
Whatever and ever Amen
Oh well maybe not try again
This should cheer you up for sure
See I've got your old I.D.
And you're all dressed up like the Cure
Will you never rest
fighting the battle
of who could care less
unearned unhappiness
You're my hero I confess

19/3/06 14:23  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

He's the invisible man
Count the bubbles in your hand
Catch him if you can

19/3/06 14:24  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

let's go moon some cars
yeah, let's to set somethin' on fire
yeah, let's go shoot some pigs
let's go steal some beer my friend
let's go moon some cars

19/3/06 14:28  
Blogger fizhburn said...

Triangle Man hates Particle Man
they have a fight, Triangle wins

19/3/06 14:29  
Blogger Gdog said...


won't you help 2 sing
these songs of freedom
is all i ever have
redemption songs

19/3/06 14:31  
Blogger X3R0 said...

Really? Interesting.

All brawn and no brains
And all those nice things
You FINALLY got what you want
Someone to look good with
AND light your cigarette
Is this what you really want?

I figured out what you're all about
And I don't think I like what I see
I HOPE I won't be there in the end
if you come around.

How long will he last
Before he's a CREEP in the past
And you're alone once again?
Will you pop up AGAIN and be my
"SPECIAL FRIEND" 'till the end?
And when will that be?

19/3/06 14:33  
Blogger Gdog said...

we has a winner!

(i've sunk a lot into this venture i expect returns
i've suffered all tha slings an arrows i know where it hurts
i'm unstable u seem able
organize me start with anything u want)

19/3/06 14:36  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

I smoke two joints in the morning.
I smoke two joints at night.
I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright
I smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,
And then I smoke two more

19/3/06 14:36  
Blogger panopticon said...

we sang about the sun and danced among the trees
and we listened to the whisper of the city on the breeze
will you cry in the most in a lead-free zone
down within the shadows where the factories drone
on the surface of the wheel they build another town
and so the green come tumbling down
yes close your eyes and hold me tight
and i'll show you sunset sometime again

the big wheel keeps on turning
on a simple line day by day
the earth spins on its axis
one man struggle while another relaxes

19/3/06 14:39  
Blogger Thoth said...

People try and hide the night
underneath the covers.
People try and hide the light
underneath the covers.
Come on hide your lovers
underneath the covers.
People say that you'll die
faster than without water,
but we know it's just a lie
scare your son, scare your daughter
Now here's the sun, it's alright!
(Lies, lies!)
Now here's the moon, it's alright!
(Lies, lies!)
Now here's the sun, it's alright!

19/3/06 14:42  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

You're a bedtime story,
the kind that keeps the curtains closed.

19/3/06 14:42  
Blogger X3R0 said...

While the moon does its division you're buried below
And you're coming up roses everywhere you go
Red roses follow

19/3/06 14:45  
Blogger panopticon said...

weigh me down
and when the darkness comes around
repeating heads
remember nothing i have said
where are you
come back again i want you to
'not now girl' you say
but i was born to lose my breath

19/3/06 14:49  
Blogger deimos said...

And she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China.

And just when you mean to tell her,
that you have no love to give her,
then she gets you in her wavelength,
and she lets the river answer that you've always been her lover.

20/3/06 21:17  
Blogger panopticon said...

And the light, it burns your skin
In a language you don't understand It's not that hard
That's not all
Voices small
Heed them either way they call
Two-step around the room
Kneel down on white
Two-step around the room

21/3/06 12:39  

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