is what Sir mixalot says he gets when "a butt is stuffed." Have to agree. & course SPRING BREAK WOO HOOO HOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO HOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO *gasp* HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!1!!exclamationpoint1! is on its way so maybe some tail? 'Tis the season for migratory baboon-babes to roll through on there way to the Chi. don't know where this post is going but had to put something on. Sticking up for stereotyped gender roles, yo. Cuz we primates sometimes got 'em. Look @ the morphological (thx for spelling help fb) diffs between mels & fems in homo & you'll see a marker of typical species-specific division of behavior etc. That's not to defend so much as to point out the descriptive point. Makin' woms & weres socially the same, you know, may require fixes to the biology of the genders... and as the hormone changes associated with menstruation demonstrates this' be a hard problem. Now maybe if you-mans switched over to an estrous system? tho that has some, like, drawbacks too.


Blogger Gdog said...

funny. thawt u 'boons was summa them red-ass, not big-ass watchin' types.

16/3/06 09:22  

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