Not really sure what the title is supposed to mean. I think it's onomatopoeic (sp?) for some sound people mean when they catch a whiff of a bad smell. Yeah, that sounds about right.

So, as usual, springtime fulfills its expected role as a catalyst for all sorts of romance. And what am I doing? Staying the fuck away from it. For the time being. I am just completely burned out on short-term go-nowhere flings. Not that, you know, sex isn't fun or something. But really, what's the point. I mean, most people you meet aren't that good in bed anyway. They're not creative. Why would I be talking about this... I'm tired. Tired of doing all the work, for one thing. Although this is not a certain result, it's just that when you're putting out all this effort and you get nothing back...

Probably I've written about this elsewhere, although not on the blog so far. My idea is that, frankly, a lot of women are kind of confused about their sexuality. Correction: a lot of the women I'm interested in are. By "confused" I mean they have a sort of disconnect from themselves and others in that they are either (a) afraid of their sex (b) afraid of sex (c) afraid of the emotional attachment that can come from sex (d) afraid of emotions (e) a combination of the above. The upshot being chaos, chaos, chaos.

What is this then, the vague outline of a diagnosis above? Well if you're like me you can sense these "issues" on a person from across a room. And I'm tired of dealing with this shit. So, fuck it. I'm tired. I'm done. (I said, scheming on a cute emo chick.) Waagh, I never learn(ed yet).


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