saw alice in chains reuinion tour warmup show @ metro in Chi-town sundae. xlnt show 'cept 4 old dud in cheap leather coat & wife tring to nudge in front of me 4 better view and got beer spilled on by @$$|-|013z on balcony but overall insane energy 300+ people singing all songs e.g. on 'rooster' tha ooo-ooos ghostly chorus also on 'junkhead' and 'rain when i die' some unexpected numbers but also the faves (thank god not 'heaven beside you' tho 'cus that shits old hat no doubt). new singer hits all notes, tones, not l. staley but better replacement than that dude ac/dc put up or that shit tryin' to fill michael hutchins shoes so whatevs it was the shit also don't ever go to a bar called 'cubby bears' that place is a rip. sludge factory
call me up congratulations
aint tha real why
theres no pressure besides brilliance
lets say by day 9
endless corporate ignorance lets
me control time
by tha way, by tha way, by tha way

once again u see an in
discolored skin gives u away
so afraid u kindly gurgle out a date
for me

now the body of one soul i adore
wants 2 die
u have always told me you'd
not live past 25
i say stay long enough 2 repay
all who caused strife
thx. l. staley, j. cantrell. yum: spitelife.


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