http://www.smittenkittenonline.com/index2.htmThey say, ya know, human young born at a certain time of year are more likely to experience depression. 'Course, your sexual habits are so unique (and, actually, pretty fucked up and nonsensical if you think about it--I mean, constant sexual availability?) that it's a hazard. No overwinter foal-carrying or the like, I guess. Then again, some of your habits are intriguing... Too bad you're all so chimpy/violent. I congratulate you all on displaying your females to their best advantage however.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you you fucking wanker i hate you

1/9/08 19:58  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

I love you too, dearie. Care to bring your high heels and lipstick over to my treehouse for some bonobo-on-woman experimentation?

1/9/08 23:54  

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