antiques, owned

things seen at a yard sale:

(1) wooden owl, formerly painted, now shellacked
(1) bicycle. rusty.
(2) hand-weights, pink, 2#, padded, unmourned
(1) rubik's cube (sp?)
(7/8) set codial glasses, used approx. once
(1) son or daughter, diapered, dirty (happy)
(2) end tables of rough-hewn planks, overpriced
(2) handmade dresses of indeterminate antebellum origin
(1) box of cooking spices ca. 1954
(1) box of cooking utensils &c, decrepit
(1) stuffed teddy. soulless, lonely, dusty
(1) cash box (NFS)
(12) ladies underpants lightly stained
(2) wax fruit bowls with autumnal seasonal theme
(1/2) bag dehydrated potting soil
(1) sun hat, frayed


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