AIM, fire, GAIM, messenger
seventeen conversational allusions per minute speed
highwayfrosted--sliding--over the screen connect
us to us to us but (don't talk to her
anymore) not them bones.
Bones to pick I think I say
typing away
seventeen conversational allusions per second meme-
ography, orthography your YELLING
personality focused on backbiting; oh
are those the comments
your lover left last week I'm not so
so sorry as I might have (understated I will
hack your website) been once. The
medium is the... words anonymous not but flowing
as if anonymouse I am reading seventeen
year-olds' flurried self-conscious
unconscious: the message is the medium they
got it wrong (tell
Wikipedia quick
quick). Lightspeed and I am AOL SOL; 'nite.


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