they stripped me of
furry loincloth, spandex, latex, leath-
er heather-colored plaid jumpsuit
OMG i can't believe s/he would wear--

handcuffs and a tattoo of a skull on my
(mark of the slut) back i'll
never give in to this chaos you
wanted to bring me out from
under this tutelage i can't won't
believe You.

so what if i put that on the site
W/we know what W/we're doing
--aren't you too--old sexual politics
getting in your way i IMHO; stuff
you. my head itches eyes red puffy.

get the hell off my servar
that is what they said but know
one knows how to get rid of
it is a blue and black bittorrenter.

and anyway on the 'space
her favorite band will be releasing two
singles can find matches with
just one click to save your soul
keep (drowning) surfing.


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