careful there, Tiger

Okay you. United Statesians. "Americans." Fat slob cheeto-snarfing butt-slapping & tit-staring overblown self-body-&-material-goods-conscious nationalistic Harley-loving child-beating fucking you. Your national holiday of "independence" is coming up. Don't forget to celebrate diversity by pouring one out for all the indigenous tribes you destroyed or decimated. If you can remember any. God, you're so fucking fat. Who was that smart monkey who asked when the Martians will come along and take over for you? I can't believe you're the richest population in the history of the planet, and think that this accident entitles you to shit. Try talking that dessert stuff to a pack of fucking hyenas. Like naked mole rats, but dumber. I can't think of an insult good enough, so I'm gonna have to leave it there. Look behind you for a baboon with a lead pipe, bitches!


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