Desire, elation, and rage.

A well-known theory of the cosmos states:
There are but three questions:
1. Who are we?
2. Why are we here?
3. Where shall we go for lunch?
Said theory is much-0maligned, being as it was written by an (a) irrascible git (b) for laughs. "Aha!" you might say, that fizhburn guy has been getting to you. His doctrine would be something like:
There are only about two or three really fundamental questions, depending on how you divide things up, which are pretty damn interesting but also pretty much impossible to answer:
1'. Who am I?
2'. What is there?
3'. What shall I do?
And yes, he would put the primes in, just for contrasts' sake. I'll tell you this, that I have to say there are certain questions that take priority over questions of lunch. For instance, questions of BREAKFAST.


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