eraser, the

in't tha intarweb wunnerful? excerpts
1.u know all the answers
so why do you ask?
i am only being nice
because i want someone, something
yer like a kitten with a ball of yarn
& its doing me in

the more u try 2 erase me
the more the more
the more that i appear
the more the more
the more i try 2 erase u
the more the more
the more that u appear

4.u cannot kickstart a dead horse
u just crush yrself & walk away
i dont care what the future holds
cuz im right here & im today
with yr fingers u can touch me

im yr black swan, black swan
but i made it 2 the top, made it 2 the top
this is fucked up, fucked up

8.we think the same things @ the same time
we just cant do anything about it

so dont ask me ask the ministry

9.no more conversation, no more conversation
u show it 2 me & im running out of chance
all our rooms renumbered and looses tender
dont turn away, dont turn away
sorry audience 'bout sittin onnit 4 so long. thx t. yorke.


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