Oh, Hey.

All these people I know from somewhere or other--here and there, last year or last month--how do you show up just where I happen to be looking. I'll admit to a fascination with the pseudo-voyeuristic activity so innocuously named "people-watching." But it's more disturbing, I think, when I know those whom I'm (not so) surreptitiously surveiling. I try to avoid it, now. But damnit people, you're ruining my procrastination over here. It was nice to see you tho'. Except do any of you know Nursing Student Erin? She owes me a coffee, if I recall. Ir maybe she doesn't, perhaps I owe it to her. But I'll never find out if all you people I'm not particularly interested in talking to right now don't stop blocking my eyedar.

All this running through my mind as I look up and take out the earplug from the Nano and quirk a sort of smile at you and halfway hope you'll stop to chat because I don't dislike you and actually now that I think about it I am on the positive side toward you but I also am not one for small talk and it's sort of a chore so I guess I'm glad you have some activity such as meeting with your attorney that will occupy you and you only had a moment to let me know you'd seen me (I saw you long before you spied my hiding eyes) and now you're passing by already wrapped in a soundtrack the replaced earplug sends in stereo to me as I watch a most peculiar music video interspersed with many many black inked sentences termite-burrowing through consciousness, my motheaten coffeeshop experiences.


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