this week of hexis

Or rather, a hectic week. Reading, reading--I'm into "Gravity's Rainbow" now--and attending a class (for teaching purposes... of course). Walking in the mornings and afternoons, developing my farmer's tan. How incredible to change, chameleonlike, into summer earthtones. Later, I'll return to snowfox pale and grackleblack coats, but for now... wookie woodgrains and fernish greens. And of course natural blonding streaks in the hair. Can't forget that. Coffee at lunchtime, a bit of cake, lentil soup from the vegan restaurantesque installation in a nearby basement, avoiding the quad (those kids, nearly naked, make me feel a bit uncomfortable--which by the way when did I start thinking of them as children--will I feel that way about people my own age ten years hence?), sashimi brunches, wet drizzling evenings at the pub, bullshitting, resolving yet again to quit smoking, never quite getting to that bit of writing I've been meaning to do, a phantasmagoria of vivid dreams sweating in the early morning elevation of temperature and the humming of a distant fan in another apartment. All this and more and more and inrushing of experience and not a single drop fixed inklike in memory... but more like a technicolor etch-a-sketch and I the toddler wondring out into the fierce energy of our metal and concrete-walled community aspiration, watching the red maple's leaves blow like seaweed in the violet cookout-evening sky. Yes. And tomorrow, that most pleasurable of summer undertakings, that most youthful of American traditions, the Road Trip, visitation like ancestor's spirits joined with lanterns and lasagna, a bottle of chianti, a candle and a firefly by the lake, picnic-ing, memories made, recalled, passed on, I'll be coming to see You.


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