one sec patience, darling: our grotto shadowbespeckled returns in mind
mnemony, our anemony, while our journey is watched, in kind, by
one patient starling, whose motto to surveil we shed like snakes;
skin, rind. i can see it: past--nocturning dreams redirect blind
men such as i--fly little wing, sing, fly, swing, coherence breaks.

a second carnation kiss, babychild, fortifying centerpiece, anchor
of visions. back, back i come again in turn i run--oh, there's a feisty
bright-lidded road this way, my one. (i won.) beckoned, tarnation
you sold my bliss
down your sister's bleeding Nile.
tell fairies scatter my ashes
six sheets to the wind, mermen
spread my bottled news
to lovers of mine.
fancyfree i slip darling, down, returning moondizzied unto
the grotto's brine:your sweat::sea dragons:kelp, light the candle.
how much air, here, this draft and tide, filling me and spilling me
back to Mariana, back to you, Patience, back to you la Mer
willing me

prurience gains nothing tonight, not shine, not innocence, not
incence, knotted pine baughs marinated (sweet molasses, salt, rose-
mary, savory balsamic) in me, soon, and out under clotted limestone
where hakes and hagfish will find what i left--my breast open.

mud to silt you'll never leave me behind.


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