Democrats retaking at least one house of congress, if they can hold onto their spines long enough (don't count on it). Certain parties taking aim at books you, as a citizen, ought to at least read before dismissing. Oh, and half the country thinks Iraq had WMDs. Which Boosh admitted they never did. I once bet a man, soon after the start of Iraq Tailwag Mark II, that there would be none found (citing things like Hans Blix finding a whopping zero evidence of their presence, or of "labs" to make them--there never were (m)any of those, since we sold him the ones he used in the '80s). He refused my offer of $1000 (written down, w/names, phone numbers, addresses incl.). Apparently though he was willing to shout to the world how of course there were WMDs, he wasn't willing to put his money where his mouth is. Why turn down an easy $1000? Or at least a great story and an "I told you so?"

He was in the service, and is now a history teacher. You'd think he'd be aware of the dubious motivations that start some wars, and then you'd pray the dems find someone to give them a backbone implant. (Is Ned Lamont a donor?)


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