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reproduced pomes.

thou art my endless evening.
thou art my endless summer dwindling monarch flutter along the road.
thou art a jaundiced view of justice leaning close to her lover.
thou art clementine and dewberries.

thou art thine art, mine art, my heart.
thou art rotting fruit so saccharine.
thou art the martyr in her body's wasted putrefaction.
thou art my sabi, my ownmost, my journey.

thou art my original.
thou art my endless simoon, thou art.
you stood at rhodes, you stood at waterloo.
thou art my failed christ.

thou art imagined in perfected perfection.
thou art my incompleteness made flesh.
thou art safe, a killer turned mail over my shoulders draped.
thou art my fear, thou art my you, thou art ever and ever and ever.

cast seeds among cacti and succulents.
thou art not deity nor supernatural nor more than anyone.
thou art no less than everyone.
thou art what thou art outside of me and in my mind.

thou art recollections in amber photographs of our ancestors.
thou art a war between brothers.
thou art a child of eros and thanatos.
we're not not, not null, not death, not yet.


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