Woah. Just, woah.

Do you people really believe incoherent clap-trap, or are you just putting me on? Seriously. Can anyone explain this "theory of nothingness" page to me? I thought not.

But then if you had to explain yourself, you might find you didn't have a clue what you were saying...

[NB: clearly "Akira Bergman" thinks what is posted on the above mentioned blog has some sort of spiritual/intellectual merit; what this might be is beyond the feeble abilities of our editorial fact-checkers. --f.]


Blogger eripsa said...


11/9/06 22:08  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

You got your practicer (hasidim), your mystic (kaballah, the Jesus), and your nutjob. This dude ain't one of the first two.

Religion iz dum. Sensible primates gots no religion. & we are happy, thanks much.

Also pendulums.

12/9/06 05:50  

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