'Tis the season to Vote The M*****F*****s Out.

Some have asked, "Pray tell, fair lady, why thou dost not protest this electoral season?" And I reply, "Forsooth, I cannot but think it entirely obvious that one must needs VTMFO, and so am resting on my sunburned-in-shantytowns-of-Guatemala confidence that a roadblock will be put in the way, "The Road Warrior"-style, of the runaway neofascistic juggernaut Mac Truck that is Christian-theocratic Neoconservative Corporatism."

I mean, really. You would have to be absolutely rabid, really just out of your mind with fear and rage and possibly some kind of mental illness such as denial that reality is reality (sorry, Bible-thumpers, but reality really is, you know, real--not like your fake hocus-pokery with the Invisible Cloud Being (TM Bartcop.com)), to vote for these people once again EVEN IF your Republican representative has done some nice stuff for your district. I mean, the basic point of Congressional spending is brinding home the bacon, so, you know, the Dems do a pretty good job of protecting us and creating jobs (objectively, you must support terrorism if you support the party that weakens our nation by weakening the economy and disenfranchising the citizens while whipping them into an emotional state in which they are willing to cede power to exactly the sort of imperialists that our enemies already claim we all are) and will continue to do so, if not in the form of longer jail sentences then maybe in the form of jobs programs that keep people from doing things that might get them sent to jail in the first place. Now that I actually respect the national Democrats, what with their business-friendly miquetoast weaseliness, but still they are bette than the alternative. And if you don't like picking between bad options, maybe you should have decided not to be born. So anyway I'll be at the polling station on the 7th, and You'd better be there too. I'm sorry but a symbolic protest against voting isn't like voting for someone whom you think ought actually to be in office (Pat Buchanan, Nader, Perot, The Body, Christopher Walken...)--it just means you abdicate your right to complain to me or anyone who did vote about the shittiness of the govt. I am tired of people thinking that whining is citizenship. It just isn't. So do what you have to do, but get your voting done. Otherwise you'd better not come running to me when your daughter gets gang-raped by her platoon mates in the communal shower of the barracks of her battalion near Kirkuk just before she is killed by mortar fire. I don't want to hear it.


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