What is your Halloween costume?

I am going as an 80's style olde skoole rapper, like maybe a reject from Heavy D who was too much meshuggeh to hook up with the Beasties.


Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

I was a swarthy middle-eastern pirate with a penchant for lilly-white British ladies.

1/11/06 21:30  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

I went as myself, but with a liquor bottle and sunglasses.

1/11/06 21:31  
Blogger Gdog said...

i went as your bald non-rapping twin. i think we looked pretty good.

1/11/06 21:32  
Blogger K said...

i'm a pretty pony princess ^_^

1/11/06 21:33  
Blogger fizhburn said...

If I had gone I would not have gone as the chinese-room thought experiment like someone I know. I would have gone as the LaPlacian super-scientist.

1/11/06 21:34  
Blogger panopticon said...

i went, swathed in dark leathers tight across my midriff--lash in hand, swinging idly tick tock in the bustle of the bar lit in orange reds--to dance in gothic rhythms and germanic rites, drinking blood (colored?) gobletfulls and sinking delicately my teeth into necks--now hers, now his--but just for fun, this once per year i let my sexuality out, not the naughty nurse or the naughty pirate or the naughty girlscout--no--i went, swathed in dark leather 'round my midriff, to take someone home, and hurt him.

1/11/06 21:38  

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