...Except McFly

How come it is that people think vandalism is funny? I have no damn idea but I will tell you this IT IS NOT ALWAYS FUNNY. MUTHAFUCKAS. In fact there are times when you know you should like recognize that destroying shit isn't so cool. Like Wikipedia. STOP FUCKING IT UP OR I WILL PUT AN ARTICLE ON THERE ABOUT YOU AND HOW YOU ENJOY SYPHALITIC WIENERS. & Have I mentioned that there is a time and a place for vandalism, because sometimes defacing some supposedly serious thing is hilarious? Because I'm doing it now. So, "people," why don't you take some good advice from a canadian--yes, he is REALLY A HUMAN I SWEAR--and just mess up one thing that if it were serious would be absurd but vandalism of which is even more hilariously absurd and wrong because everybody already has a pretty damn good idea of what stuff is true about it. I.e. edible farm fowl. with beers.


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