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Hey, have a link. It's friday. And Cephalopodmas.


Blogger Miss E said...

an ex's ex is dating the guy who makes the dinosaur comics. i'm not sure how many degrees that makes me away from him, but i don't care because it is awesome.

22/12/06 14:22  
Blogger fizhburn said...

As a philosopher, I totally love Ryan North's philosophically-based and observational humor, but more importantly, as an intelligent being, I enjoy his ear for a turn of phrase, an unexpected twist, irony, or... um. Absurdity! Yeah!

Possibly the single funniest thing in the world at the present time. (In the manner that the Far Side used to be (arguably) the single funniest thing in the world--as opposed to, say, Calvin and Hobbes, which was never the "single" funniest thing...)

22/12/06 23:23  

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