what's in a book?

SecondWaver posts a meme that seems "revealing." By which I mean neither personally revealing nor particularly difficult.
1. Go to the nearest book in your reach and turn to page 123.
2. Go to the fifth sentence of the book.
3. Copy the next three sentences, then tag someone else.
I decided not to go for the nearest book, since it's a logic text. Fizhburn's been grading a bit lately. So, instead:
For the above two reasons, coherence cannot be accepted as giving the meaning of truth, though it is often a most important test of truth after a certain amoun of truth has become known.

Hence we are driven back to correspondence with fact as constituting the nature of truth. It remains to define precisely what we mean by 'fact', and what is the nature of the correspondence which must subsist between belief and fact, in order that belief may be true.
From Bertrand Russel's The Problems of Philosophy. I don't tag people though. Bird flu, and all.

Via Twisty.


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