1. Waking far too early for dawn
head and neck curved just wrong
I am not identical to I.

2. Please explain this lump in a
dream breast; I entreat you, O
Demeter and Fortuna, wake me.

3. Several small killers
kidding in a cave and grooving
on a riff: doze during Sleep.

4. Wrestle with too many ideas
which all indicate giving in
to sleep indefinitely.

5. It all goes to prove
your chemical dependency
is no longer charming.

6. Today is the greatest day I
will ever regret being alive so
you are able to love me and I you.

7. &

8. Don't forget, me, to listen
for music. This boy's elaborate
anguish is worse than possible.

9. Shower. Coffee. Coke. Speed.
Sweet sweet diphenhydramine sniffles
or big-N little-y bigfuckin'-Q.

10. An accelerating heartbeat
does nothing for a frustrated libido
as your crotch floods ever so.

11. I can't believe this but instead
of the horns I seem to be throwing
the shocker. Insert bitter chuckle.

12. Waking far too late for breakfast,
confused and struggling into today's
pants, rush past superfluities.

13. You and I keep busy and ignore
all the things which make us dead,
and stay alive together that way.


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