Everyone's gay today!

...not happy.

Let's think about queerness for a second. Maybe a little more. There you go. Apparently, if you're like the fine united statesians over at the family research counsel, you were contemplating the various tortures Ted Haggard will suffer when he finally makes it to Hell. Which is, you know, fine, except for the fact that he'll be going there for hypocrisy rather than his (hot) sexual behavior.

What's really flabbergasting, at 9:30 on a weekday morning, is how much hate some people can pack into their tiny, silky-smooth brains. I don't mean anger here, which is healthy and such, but actual hate. Irrational (and when have Invisible Cloud Being worshipers been anything else--they take pride in it for chrissakes), hyperfocussed, self-righteous in that annoyingly bad way: these are the hallmarks of someone in such deep delusion that they make a lifestyle out of a silly (seriously: silly as in absurd) ingroup-outgroup distinction.

And what about that, it's th' American way, right? Spaniards, Reds, Germans, Anarchists, Suffragettes, Japanese, Germans again, Reds again, Islamists, welfare mothers, ethnic cleansers, Bill Clinton, Islamists again. Is any of this ringing a bell? The creation of a mostly nonexistent menace is a standard of the infantilizing social structure I've had occasion to criticize in the past. The standard belief seems to be that if you can come up with a plausible threat, you can both conveniently "solve" all of the various woes one can identify or manufacture and galvanize betas, gammas, and deltas into mass (read: mob) action. Goebbels was apparently right on that score.

Speaking of which. Question: what do 'homosexual' and 'Juden' have in common?

All one can do is continue to point out the folly of fools, while not personally identifying any of them so as to be able to perhaps persuade their sheep that maybe a flock lead by a blind ram (it's always someone with testicles, ain't it) is not the place they want to be. Continue to point and laugh at the blabbering japes of people who wouldn't know who they were without a vicious ad insideous Other to contrast themselves with. Always with the "I'm not that guy, thank" deity. Continue to hope beyond hope that the completely insane notion that "what's important is that you have faith" (WHAT?) will become an extinct meme in a culture surpassed by one a little more humane and, you know, live-and-let-live.

I mean, really, whose ass do I have to fuck to get that accomplished?


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