News Update

Since I don't have new essays ready at the moment, here's some newsy stuff to keep in mind. Sometime soon I'll have a consumer society thing requested by januarygirl.

Rummy's job may be in trouble after he accidentally admitted the truth. The lame duck's party seems to be re-evaluating their position on his punk ass. They also reaffirm their racism just in case anyone was confused about what they stand for. Meanwhile, the top brass are worried that these numbskulls will get them jailed. It certainly looks like that's what they have in mind. Everyone, of course, is bewildered by someone on the other side growing a spine at a time like this.

On another front, there's good news for people who can't live without an enemy. People in the UK, at least can see what needs to happen to save the country. It's probably because they can read the evidence.

In the Commondreams punditland, lots of opinions about contemporary ambivalience, neocon eggface, and our unconcern for darkies. So put this movie on your NetFlicks (flash site). And of course then there's Krugman.

I've been asked to mention that several members will be on holiday this weekend, so probably little or no posting will happen until next week.


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